Friday, May 7, 2010

Spice Girls are spicing up Mother's Day

Bad enough that I was exposed to it in my youth, but the education department has a lot to answer for in teaching my son a Spice Girls song. Yeah it was cute hearing the kids singing Mama, but my ears were bleeding just from the memory of Posh *cough* singing *cough*.

I will give him brownie points for cuteness though.

Then there is the lovely picture from Jack with a description of why he loves me. "I love my Mum because she keeps me safe. She is the best Mum because she has nice hair and beautiful eyes. I like her dresses with shapes and flowers on them." I bet you were all going "Nawwww ♥♥ " until you read about my dresses eh. Cause I was. Maybe he's got another mother I don't know about because I sure as hell don't have any dresses with flowers and shapes on them.

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