Saturday, May 15, 2010

Way out west where the rain don't fall

We got our own taste of living and working on the land with a trip to Brian's parents place today. As much as I love our suburban life, I get a little wistful visiting up there. Just the quiet way of life and the kids just love being outside. I guess it's all a novelty for them and living it would be different, but sometimes I just wonder what if? It's the simple things that make we wonder. Even just a sight like this was enough to make me pull out the camera.

Imogen had an absolute ball - running through the grass, chasing around a ball, eating sand in the playground, smelling the flowers. And best of all, showing off her new gumboots. Boy she loves her gumboots.

Then there is the beautiful houses in the street. I have been in love with the house next door since the first time I saw it. If it ever came up for sale and big part of me would want to snap it up - the other part of says "What the hell are you thinking, it's next door to your inlaws?"

I think initially the tyre swing hanging from the big tree out the front was what attracted me. It's like seeing all your childhood movies with the perfect families come to life. I just ♥ this place.

Then there is also this gem a few doors down. I love this one too - although it doesn't have a tyre swing.

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