Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A bit of excitement on a boring day

After having days of little sleep due to Gigi having a case of Spew Machine-itis, Liam decided to spice it up for me today by attempting to break his arm.

After being told repeatedly to stop throwing teddy bears around the hallway, fate stepped in to teach him a lesson. When he ran down the hallway said teddy bear in the middle of the floor caused him to skid and fall backward on to his rear twisting his forearm in a freaky position. Man did he scream.

I had to dump the other kids at my best friends and swap cars with her all the while with Liam screaming everytime he moved.

By the time we got to the hospital he had calmed down enough that he was just kind of whimpering, but still in a fair amount of pain. They gave him some panadol and sent him off for x-rays. While waiting for the x-rays he starts stuffing around, not sitting still, singing, etc. Yeah broken arm my ass. All in all just a sprain, no break.

He's upset that I took the sling off him and he can't wear it to school. Well derrr, considering he was jumping on his bed and running up and down the hallway. Somehow I don't think he was needing it. rolleyes.gif Typical attention seeking male.

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