Monday, August 19, 2013

Mood Board Monday {Floral}

You know I always see these wonderful articles in different home decorating magazines talking about mood boards, but never seemed to have the pizazz to throw one together. I can look at things and know if they look good or crap but I just can't tweak things so that they look how I have envisioned.

So then along comes Lisa over at Life as we know it and creates this awesome mood board challenge. Here's a little exerpt from her blog to explain the challenge.
So, what is a mood board? A mood board is a visual representation of all the things that you love, dream about owning, or perhaps just inspire you. It can represent a mood, an atmosphere or a feeling...and in the case of Mood Board Monday...a theme.
How does Mood Board Monday work? Each Monday, I will launch the new theme on the Life as we know it blog. Mood Board Monday is only limited by your imagination, and the themes can be interpreted across many blogging genres. You're encouraged to create your own inspirational mood boards based on the current theme for your own blog; then add your blog post's link to the bottom of the relevant post here. I will also share the following week's theme so that you can prepare your posts ahead of time and schedule them. Let's get inspired!

So here goes nothing - Week 1 - Floral.
Those that know me know I'm not a girly girl. I'm not into pretty floral or floaty materials or anything and that's what I think of when I see the word floral. What I do currently have a penchant for is bright, out there florals with bold colors. I'd love a bedroom theme like that, so what I can't have in real life, I'll mood board instead.
Mood Board Monday - Florals
1. Paloma quilt cover set Adairs $189.95-$229.95
2. 225 Thread count sheet in Jade Target $29.00-$55.00
3. Gorgeous Handsome pillowcases Adairs $29.95
4. Real Living dotty cushion Target $15.00
5. Water color garden boquet Adairs $49.95
6. Love pillowcases Adairs $29.95
7. Curious Owls Yellow Adairs $17.95
8. White beach stool  Domayne $299.00


  1. For someone who isn't a fan of florals, you've pulled together one gorgeous mood board! Love that you've tackled the challenge from a whole room perspective. Thanks for playing along this week. Cheers, Lis.

  2. Thanks I really enjoyed this week. It's like guilt free shopping LOL