Thursday, August 15, 2013

Getting my Susie on : Finally we have artwork...of sorts

Going back well over 12 months ago, I'm guessing at around the time we moved into our new house I found a photo on Pinterest and I was obsessed.
Source:Project Home

Then while still surfing around Pinterest I came across this beautiful wall display at From Gardners to Bergers and loved her stories of how her gallery wall was personalised with photos, trinkets and places that meant something to them. So I ran with it.

So me being me, I had already had many plans in progress for what I wanted in these frames. Things I had thought of, downloaded or designed many months ago but I had to narrow them down.

To begin with I'm running with the following: A frame that was gifted with my favorite wedding photo in it, the letter B (for obvious reasons), a blue print of the double decker busses that my father in law used to build before they moved to Australia, the sheet music from our bridal waltz, the dates of birth of myself, the husband and the kids, a photo of the naval ship that my Grandfather served on during WWII and an old map of the Melbourne tramways of both my father in law and brother in law worked for them.

Now because I'm retentive, I can't just hang photos like a normal person. Everything has to be laid out, organised, arranged, all props and preps done. So firstly we have everything we need to get them up on on the wall.

The after about 15 minutes of moving things and changing my mind, here's the first idea I had.

Then I found another 2 frames. Then I remembered that I'd bought a clock specifically for the photo wall.

And here you have it, the final result. I can't wait to build on this work in progress, I already have ideas for new things to add to the collection.

And to give you an idea, this is taken standing at the front door so I have plenty room to add more family memories.

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