Sunday, August 25, 2013

Aussie Curves : Worthy Work

Of all weeks to do a work challenge, this was an unusual one for me.
Most days are the same day in, day out so my work attire doesn't really change too much. Our dress code is black and white (and a color of the season that each individual store chooses) and business casual. So tailored pants and a nice top and cardi are usually the go.

But this week was out of the ordinary. Firstly we had stocktake which is about a 14 hour day and it's casual clothes. Comfortable clothes. So jeans, hoodie, t-shirt and cons was the go. So casual, that I forgot to take a pic in fact. Oops. Then we had a managers meeting. And not just your run of the mill meeting, this one was a special by invite only Rainbow Theme, think like a kid fancy dress meeting. Yeah, so not in my comfort zone but what the hell, if there is anything I've learnt from Aussie Curves, it's embrace something different. So embrace I did.

Oh and a PS, if you are worried that I'm looking rather serious and almost makeupless for the start of a workday it's because they're taken at the end of each day by a five year old...who was not so happy about being the photographer.

So here's to the working week:

Cardigan : MODA for Target
Top : City Chic
Tank : K Mart
Pants : Avella for Big W
Shoes : Ruby Shoes


Top : City Chic
Bangle : Thrifted
Pants : Avella for Big W
Boots : Famous Footwear

Cardigan : Mix by Coles
Camisole : City Chic
Pants : Avella for Big W
Shoes : K Mart
And now we have the Rainbow Party attire:
Hair bows : $2 type shop
Necklace : Big W
Bangles : Best & Less
Cardigan : Mix by Coles
Dress : City Chic Bunting Dress
Tights : City Chic
Socks : Best & Less
Shoes : Authentic *cough Cons from Bali

Check out the links below to see how everyone else dresses while workin' hard for the money.