Monday, July 4, 2011

Getting some bang for your buck

While it's great that this government of ours gives us some great kickbacks for Childcare, sometimes it really does seem ludicrous the amount of money you outlay just to work.

Take school holiday programs for example. My kids are lucky enough to have Grandparents that can take them for a week here and there but they need their breaks too, so holiday program it is. Every fortnight, both Brian and I have one weekday off so we try to arrange that week as being the holiday program week to lessen the financial burden. Even so sending the boys for just three days still leaves me initially out of pocket $288.

So today is was nice to get some bang for my buck. Yes I admit that they usually go to the movies or bowling or have some activity group come to them (last holidays it was a reptile park place that visits with animals) but this time it was nice for the kids to bring something home that they'd made (well stuffed with some sort of foam and a star that they made a wish on) and could keep.

P.S. Yes I know they need haircuts, but they've got it set in their minds that they want to grow their hair like Justin Bieber (god help me).

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