Thursday, July 21, 2011

And then a big brown shark came

Anyone that's a first time parent will be familiar with all the horror stories that get inflicted on you from the moment that you pee on stick. Apart from the obvious your child being ill or worse the one thing that really struck a chord of horror with me was the dreaded poo stories. In particular the poo painting and pooing in the bath. So for me it probably was a small stroke of good luck that two of my three kids have bowel issues causing constipation. In almost eight years we've had only one poo painting incident (which admittedly did cause lots of gagging and retching on my part) and had no bath incidents...

...until last week.

I was at work and getting just a tad annoyed that I'd been trying to phone Brian several times on both the home phone and mobile and he wasn't answering either. When he finally called me back, I got to speak to Imogen who proudly told me "I did poos in the bath". Is it wrong that I laughed that it was Brian that it happened to? Is it wrong that I'd told all my workmates so that when he came in later that even they laughed at him?

Imogen told me that she was crying and screaming "because the poo came out" and I was laughing even more as I can only imagine my anal retentive germ phobe husband squealing even louder than her at the thought of having to clean it.

I'm still laughing now just typing this out which brings me to the video below which I immediately though of when it happened.


  1. LOL I would laugh if this happened to my husband, or to me for that matter! In fact, I got poo'd on IN the bath recently, and couldn't stop laughing. Until I scrubbed myself in the shower!

  2. LOL, that would be a nightmare to me. I'd probably pass out. :)

  3. hehe.. how funny.

    This reminds me of when my oldest child was little, he ate a heap of grapes then had a tub and pooped out grapes but it was me jumping around squealing and dry reaching. It was hubby who had to come to the rescue. yucko
    We are now on child #3 I have gotten much better hehe :)