Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gas (no, not what you're thinking - the Energy kind)

This was Brian
Rewind back to last Thursday:
You would think that finishing work at lunch time would be a fortunate thing - especially when your husband has the day off so you can spend some quality time with him and your daughter.

Fortunate probably wasn't the most apt word when I arrived home to a husband who looks like
< this.
Although I did contemplate slinking back out the front door without being seen, my curiosity got the better of me and I had to know what the cause of all the wrath was. Ah yes, the old faithful utilites. I think every household has had at least 5 phone calls to some sort of utility company when the ended up looking like the above. Today is was Origin Energy's turn. For some reason unknown to not only us, but also to Origin Energy, our gas had been disconnected. And so the saga began.

Phone call after phone call after phone call we where promised that some sort of service call had been lodged. Day after day after bloody long, bloody cold, and bloody smelly day we waited and we phoned. During this time not only did I have no gas, but this meant no hot water, no cooktop and no heating. Brian was in Sydney for a conference. Jack had some sort of Gastro bug and vomited for 3 days straight. Imogen, not be left out, decided to get in on the action and ramp up her constipation issues causing the Mt Etna of projectile vomits (Yeah sorry about that John. Hopefully your eyes have stopped burning now). Funnily enough the one child who I would have thought would have had the most issue with all of this going on was the one child that took it all in his stride and was the sanest of the lot of us. Liam was going for a Sainthood.

This was me
By the time this morning rolled around it had  been seven nights and I was going into my eighth day with no gas. It was no surprise that I looked like
this >
If I could have crawled through the phone lines and physically attacked the person or persons responsible for our lack of gas I probably would have. I was that mad this morning that I don't even really know what I said to the lady. What ever it was it must have been some serious shit because within an hour I had a service technician knocking on my door telling me he'd just turned the gas back on. I was so overjoyed that I could have kissed the guy. I'm thinking he may have realised this as he was backing away quietly as soon as he could. Or I guess it could have been the fact that I had birdsnest hair, crazy eyes and was more than likely drooling at the site of him.

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  1. Must say I had difficulty reading after the mention of vomit-burned eyeballs... lovely :P
    Don't ya just love those days :)