Friday, June 24, 2011

Dancing with Wags the dog - the red nose day special

Since I'm heading of for a lovely child-free night with some girlfriends in a really freaking cold place I was thinking that I should find some sort of beanie. Now I'm not a hat person. Not by choice, I love hats. I just can't wear them. I look freakin' ridiculous. So today I went on a mission to Target to find something warm for my head. FAIL

All I did was create an endless source of amusement for not only Imogen but for Brian as well. Especially when one hat I tried on caused fits of laughter from Imogen and me apparently looking like Wags the dog.

So just the share the amusement, and because it's about time that I shared a pic of me, here's me (the red nose day edition).

Hey fellow bloggers, don't forget today is FYBF so make sure you check out some of the awesomeness below:

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