Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wanting to be like Hank Moody

Damn I love Californication.

Come on, you've gotta admit that deep down inside all of us there is a little bit of Hank Moody trying to get out. In light of that I thought I'd share some of my favorite Hankisms.

[about a painting]
Hank Moody: What the fuck is that?
Bill Lewis: Oh, you like it? I could have bought a car instead.
Hank Moody: I think you should still buy the car and then run over whoever created that turd.

Hank Moody: Sorry, I'm late. I just, uh...
Charlie Runkle: You just what?
Hank Moody: Nah, that's all I got.

Charlie Runkle: I'm sorry about your old man. You know, he was a good guy.
Hank Moody: No he was not. He used to say you looked like a walking penis.
Charlie Runkle: Well, that's not very nice.

[Hank went to the doctor because he has a lump on his penis]
Dr. Riess: So what are you working on these days?
Hank Moody: What am I working on? I'm working on trying to figure out what that fucking lump in my junk is. That's what I'm working on.

Now I'm laughing just typing this out. I'd like just for one twenty-four hour period to be able to be as blunt as good old Hank. Would make for an interesting day.

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