Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Surprise bedroom reveal - Volume Two {Happy Birthday Liam}

After doing a whirlwind makeover on Jack's bedroom only 3 days prior, Liam was insistent for his birthday that we makeover his room as well. Unlike Jack's room, Liam's room was set up for an older boy from the time we moved in here (2 years ago). So he already had a "display" surfboard and some pieces that fit a the surfing theme that he chose. Liam is also much fussier about his "stuff" than Jack so we knew there wasn't too much we could move. So with all that in mind, we told him that his room was already age appropriate and maybe next year we could do something with it. Astonishingly, he believed us so he was in for a shock when he got home from school.


I totally love how it turned out and Liam does too. Never in a million years did I think that the husband would agree to putting corrugated iron on the walls (he won't even let me paint the walls) but I'm so glad he agreed.  The bargain is that it only cost us just over $250, especially considering the wave canvas was $149. Awesome.

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