Monday, August 4, 2014

Mood board Monday {Reflective}

So while having a dig around and doing a bit of blog maintenance I found I had a stack of posts that were all still in the draft stage. Some with just a few words and some that were practically fully written. With that in mind I thought why waste a written post so I'm going right back to a challenge from last year with mood board monday.
This week we have reflective. Now originally I had gone through and pinned a heap of reflective items that were really cool but I saw one mirror and envisioned a whole little layout and it grew from there.

1. Juju hat in various colours - HARD TO FIND 
2. Replica Philippe Starck Louis Ghost Armchair - MATT BLATT 
3. Love Necklace - HARD TO FIND
4. IKEA PS 2014 Table Mirror - IKEA 
5. KAS "Hit The Town" Cushion - MYER
6. Art Deco Stained Glass Necklace - HARD TO FIND
7. Signature S 5 Drawer Tallboy - FREEDOM
8. Omar Table Lamp and Shade - KEEKI

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