Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mood board Monday {Hexagonal}

Hexagons seem to be a key design statement right now with them popping up just about in every facet of design: fashion, art, home wears and even beauty.
Source Asos.com

Source homelife.com.au

Source hopandpeck.bigcartel.com

Source mrsgrapevine.com

Some look great, some are ummm interesting. But hey, it's Amber Rose. She's so stunning that even hexagon glasses look awesome on her. 

Anyway, on to my picks for the week.
         2. Origami coffee table - West Elm 
         3. Hive vases - West Elm 
         4. Wooden hexagon beaded necklace

Now it just so happens that I was hotfooting it around the gorgeous Melbourne the last two days and because in my spare time (read anytime we were in the car) I was trying to write this blog post, I had hexagons on the mind. Seriously, I was tripping over hexagons left, right and center. I've snapped a few pics as proof. I would have snapped more but the husband was starting to get just a tad testy with all the "Hey, wait. I've gotta get a pic of this" moments.
Chair at West End Crown / Floor at West End Crown

Ceiling at Baci Crown Complex / Graffitti at boarded wall on Southbank

Please check out a link or two below to see how Hexagonal all the other Mood Board Monday posters have gone.

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