Saturday, July 13, 2013

Aussie Curves : Chaotic Color Clash

So for those not in the know, I'm really time poor right now. Work is crazy busy thanks to Victorian school holidays and great bargains, the kids are keeping me on my toes with a bout of vomiting and I'm jet setting overseas on Monday.

So, with that in mind (and the fact that I was standing looking at my wardrobe for far too long that I care to mention scratching my head) I'm going on a trip down memory lane to bring you this weeks Aussie Curves theme.

But firstly, I invite you to step into my Delorean and go back, way back in time.

 Back in time where it seems that clashing colors are all the rage. Either that or my parents were extremely color blind, unfashionable, or just plain cruel. Back in time where little girls looked suspiciously like boys. Back in time where pretty much every single child had a kindergarden photo that looked just like this:
Oh yeah. Plaid yellow and brown pants, bottle green track suit tops and red leather shoes. 
Color clash FTW.


  1. Naaaaaw SO cute. I love it. And surprisingly I don't have a plaid pants photo!! I feel like I've been ripped off a little. Remind me to demand a reason from my Mother would you please? Haha.

  2. You are more than welcome to have mine and pretend it's you. I'm prepared to give up that gem. :)