Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Aussie Cuves - Bodacious Bodycon

This was the post that almost wasn't. Firstly I'll admit to feeling more eeekkkk about this week than Swimwear week and secondly what the hell was I going to wear??? 

So today I spent the best part of 40 minutes pulling things in and out of the wardrobe and drawers trying to get together an outfit that I would be confident enough to pull off.  Buzzzzzzzzzzzzz, no deal. Zip. Nada. Nothing. I had one dress that I briefly considered but my hate of the mummy pouch got in the way. Not going to happen.

So I admitted defeat. This week I was out. I started planning out in my head what I was going to write to excuse myself and instead had a brainwave. I remembered that I took some sneaky cam change room pics when I was unsure of whether to buy a peplum dress. Sneaky cam pics were still on phone (gotta love iCloud). Only problem is that being I was only taking pics for opinions of the dress on me, I have no head in the pics. So you'll have to imagine my noggin smiling back at you. Actually, no you don't. Thanks photoshop.
Dress : City Chick
Leggings : KMart
Shoes : Ruby
Accessories : The trusty iPhone
Disclaimer : The leggings and shoes were just cause I was too lazy to take them off when trying this on whilst on my lunch break
Oh and FYI, I got the dress...in black...with the purple belt...in love.

Wanna see more bodacious bodycon, check out the rest of the Aussie Curves gals below.


  1. This City Chic Peplum is such an awesome style, i have it in black and i love it. Cute photoshop lol

  2. Great photoshopping there! I'm so glad peplums are back in style - hopefully they now will stay forever.

  3. Haha. BEST photoshop ever. Love this. I'm glad you got the dress, it looks fab on you.

  4. LOVE. Both the dress and your smiley face :D