Sunday, March 24, 2013

Aussie Curves - Mellow Yellow

Let me preface this by saying that I was planning on calling this one "Anything but Mellow Yellow" but to be perfectly honest my mood and my health isn't particularly stellar so I'm feeling really flat...mellow really. Even getting together an outfit for this left me just going "Blah, that'll do." So not me usually, but oh well. 

I did have every intention of getting this one up and running early. Last Tues on my day off I had the plan to do a lap of the numerous thrift stores in the area to scout out anything yellow and ideas for future weeks. That plan was thwarted when I copped a call for the big boss asking me to do some ground work for her on something exciting I was trying to get off the ground (but I'll save that news for a future post). So I saw one store...who had no yellow plus size or accessories. Dagnamit. 

So I bring you my rushed together (ie: quick the linky closes tonight) pics of "Yellow." 
Yeah well that ombre look isn't really rocking it, but it's all you're gettin this week.

Am big time LOLing at this photo. I swear I look constipated. I didn't realise how bad it was until I uploaded it.  
Meh, really I'm not vain enough to care. Well I am but that's all I got. 
Oh and P.S. If you look REALLY closely at the bangle you can see me giving you a smile in the reflection.

Scarf : Valley Girl
Tee : City Chic (from that long ago that it's tagged Big City Chic)
Bangle : Diva

Since it's so late in the week, I've already read through all the sunshiney yellow posts from all the other curvy chicks. Have a read, trust me they're way more enthused than I am about yellow.

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