Monday, September 19, 2011

Sometimes I don't mind being woken at 6am

Especially when it's someone's BIRTHDAY!

Dear Jackasaurus,

I still remember the day that I realised you where in my tummy. I was so excited, but I was also a little scared. How was I going to be able to look after two babies? Your big brother was only a baby too. I used to rub my tummy at night talking to you used to answer me with your little kicks back. Every day my tummy got bigger and bigger and the Doctors kept telling me that you where going to be very big. When you finally came out you where HUGE. That was the day that we decided to call you Boof.
Jack 16.08.04 4.95kgs 59cm
From the day we took you home you where the most relaxed little boy. You adored your big brother. Even when he kept laying on you and trying to squish you with his cuddles. We always said that one day you'd get him back and that one day came as soon as you could crawl. You used to follow him everywhere. If he was playing with something, you wanted to play too but you where so big and clumsy that you'd just knock everything over.

As you grew, so did your personality. You have always been the entertainer, even when little you'd love to put on a show for us and we still get some sort of show at least every day now. You are the stereotypical middle child. Just so relaxed and you quite happily go with the flow.

I love you with all my heart Mr Jackasaurus. Happy birthday my baby boy. xx

Yes, Jack's birthday was quite a while back but for some reason this didn't auto post on his birthday and I only just realised. Sorry Jack :(

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