Thursday, September 8, 2011

Nobody likes a bogan

Who would have thought that a simple day at work would have ended with me almost getting into a stereotypical  Western Suburbs punch on? 

Earlier in the day there was an incident with a lovely *cough* lady *even bigger cough* who didn't appreciate myself and the store manager telling her that her children may get injured playing on the workout machines outside our store. Without going into detail, let's just say that she REALLY didn't appreciate it and found many imaginative ways to tell us that and what we should be doing rather than worrying about her children. Needless to say, security was called and her and her friend where escorted out of the plaza. Or so we thought.

When leaving work, the boss and I where lucky enough to run into the friend of the lovely lady who decided that it was the perfect opportunity to go for another round. Me being me, couldn't help myself and gave her a serve back (hey, I wasn't at work any longer so why should I put up with it) to which she jumped out of her car and came at me demanding I say it to her face. So I did. I'm guessing it was probably a lucky thing that she was standing nose to nose to me otherwise she more than likely would have decked me. I won't deny that I was quietly shitting myself, but I didn't back down which I think threw her. So after a few choice words back and forth she walked off. 

I think my poor boss will never look at me the same again. At least I got something good out of my Melton upbringing.

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