Sunday, May 15, 2011

Snap back to reality

Sometimes all it takes is a conversation from a random stranger to make you realise that when you feel like your life is passing you by that really it's only beginning.

There was a women I served today. She was lovely and chatty and was asking for help with sizing. She was purchasing a first birthday gift for a good friend's son and was unsure of sizes as he was born at 26 weeks and was still quite small for his age. We where chatting throughout this conversation when she told me how much she spoils this little boys and she adores him.

Her and her husband became friends of the little boys parents through meeting at the hospital. She too had a child that was premature and they bonded over their hospital stay. As she said, it's hard as only a parent in there can really understand what you're going through and they forged a great friendship through it. I take my hat off to this strong, gorgeous woman - her baby girl never went home with her, yet here she was telling me all about her friends little boy. At the end of the conversation she said that one day she'd give that little boy another little girlfriend. I really hope in my heart of hearts that she can.

You know what, not five minutes before I served her I was complaining about being woken up at 5am yet again by my kids. Reality, I just got me some.

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