Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sometimes I wonder...

...did I read way too many books about serial killers, phychopaths and the like during pregnancy. Have I caused some sort of freaky cross over in my children.

I ponder these things at 3am when I'm woken by a 6 year old who is dreaming about his brothers eyeballs coming out. WT????

I also ponder these things in the car when my 5 year old tells me that Mr Men are bad. They are bad because they go into peoples houses and put things in there. Even in Mr Strong's house. Mr Strong doesn't like that - so he kills them all. Allllllllrighty then. What is up with that??? I swear we were watching the same Mr Men cartoon yesterday, but he was obviously seeing something I wasn't.

I guess I can joke about it now, but um yeah - bit weird.

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