Monday, June 15, 2009

What a brilliant way to return to blogging

After a huge hiatus, this was just too good not to blog.
Liam is really into drawing at the moment. The kid would draw all day long if I let him. He's not too bad actually - definitely didn't get his artistic skills from either his father or I.

So this was last nights masterpiece:

It's a bus. Nice eh?
Take a closer look - notice anything out of the ordinary for a 5 year old's drawing?
Maybe this might help:

I saw it and it took me quite a while to realise what it actually said. It's actually his brother's name - Jack. But with the "J" written backwards and the "A" looking more like an "O".
I think it qualifies for a "What The??" if ever I saw one.


  1. I have missed your blog posts!

    And wow, what a clever boy you have there. Just love his bus!

    PMSL at the "Jack" on it! Hahaha!

    Hope you have been keeping well, and I look forward to many more posts from you!

    Sal xx

  2. hahahah It was the first thing I noticed :)

  3. Welcome back@ I've missed you.

    Ok. My confession. It jumped out at me! Wondering where a 5 year old got *that* word from, lol!

    Lovely pic though. So nice to 'hear' from you again.