Monday, November 18, 2013

Mood Board Monday {Industrial}

When I saw this theme, one place and one place only came to mind...The Industrial Revolution. This shop used to be called The Ugly Duckling. I used to drive past it fairly frequently but it's in a high traffic area with very little parking and I could just never get to it but every time I'd drive past I'd look at that big orange sign with the duck wistfully. Then one day I happened across their facebook site, which linked back to an online store and I was in heaven. Imaginary heaven that is. As much as I drool over this look, it just doesn't quite cut it with my house. I'm thinking maybe one or two smaller statement pieces I might be able to get away with but for now I'll just be content with moodboarding it up.

1. Four hook hanger   2. Iron factory lamp   3. Tin numbers   4. Whitewash dining table
5. Iron locker chest   6. Fire bucket    7. Iron peti box   8. Cello stool 

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