Friday, June 7, 2013

Aussie Curves : Sassy Spikes

So spikes really isn't my thing, but I thought since I'm going all out on a limb I may as well try for the rock chic look. Scew it, you only live once yeah? I only had to pick up one child from active after school care so I could get around that by sending Mr 9 in for me. No one would have to see me like this in public right. Right? FAMOUS LAST WORDS.

Aside from a friend visiting and being much less shocked than I anticipated and my husband doing a not very well coveted double take, it really wasn't that bad. I did feel a tad mutton dressed as lamb (I am just about to turn 40), and would never wear something like this out in the general public.
Necklace : Cotton On
Tee : K Mart
Bracelets : Cotton On
Jeans : City Chic
Shoes : Target

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