Sunday, February 26, 2012

NKOTB - 24 days and counting

I thought that it was probably about time for another house update (although I suspect if you know me in real life you would have heard enough bitching and moaning to last a lifetime).

So the build flow goes like this:
  1. Start building with #1 site supervisor
  2. House seems to be moving VERY quickly - everybody is telling us that we'll be in by Christmas
  3. Some weird things start happening - scaffolding comes down before bricking is finished, house is painted before some plastering is finished, house is half tiled and left for ages
  4. #1 site supervisor gets sacked, apparently due to the half assed job on our house (structurally we're fine but everything has been done ass about face (you think???)
  5. #2 site supervisor starts. It's just before Christmas and the house is at a standstill with no work being done what-so-ever.
  6. #3 site supervisor starts. He tells us that it will take at least to Christmas to get the house to where it should be.
  7. We find out that no work is being done as the site was shut down by WorkSafe or something similar. There is two weeks where no work is done.
  8. We are given dates for tradies and are told that we still should be in by contract date (21.03.12)
  9. Tradies never turn up on arranged dates or if they do they only work for 30ish minutes.
  10. Carpenters get sacked for not turning up for job.
  11. #4 site supervisor starts. He seems to be more senior than anyone we're seen and his sole job is to get our house completed.
So this is where we are at now. There are 24 days to the end of contract date. I don't think the house will be ready.

Most current pic of the front of the house. Looks so far away still.

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