Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Yes, I know it's no longer ours but...

...what have they done to the garden?

So this is one of the photos taken when our old house was on the market. Take note of the plants lining the walkway. You can't see very well but to the right where all native grasses placed strategically so they looked random but neat.

Now at the risk of looking like a deranged stalker, after driving past a few times I HAD to get a picture. Not only have they got rid of everything, but they just chopped the trees lining the path right through the trunk. Not even pulled out. Far out. If we knew that they wanted to do that we would have saved them the trouble and taken them with us in pots. They've since got another skip that looks just as full so I can only imagine what the back yard looks like. Poor Brian is devastated.

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