Friday, February 25, 2011

F is for Friday (amongst other things)

This week was on of those weeks that seem to drag forever and tonight couldn't come around fast enough. I resisted temptation (and by George, it's killing me) but I am NOT posting under the influence. I so want to be though. Why oh why is there so many calories in Red?

Anyway, enough lamenting - this week has been interesting to say the least. So here's some random musings and carry ons from this week:
  • My gorgeous photogenic child has gone a growth spurt and is looking, well how can I say it, ummm goofy. In the space of 4 days he's lost 3 teeth and his one remaining front tooth is also loose. My feelings on loose teeth are the same as those on loose wet hair. I swear I'll vomit if this kids waves his loose tooth at me again tonight.
  • On the subject of vomiting, Brian sends me this photo of what he thinks is his broken ankle. After turning the phone around different ways, I finally realised that I was looking down his leg and the big *blerk* lump *blerk* on the right is his ankle. Thankfully it turned out to be only tissue damage and bad swelling. But still *blerk* all the same.

  • So yesterday was D-day for our house sale to go unconditional. We where so excited, can't believe it was happening. Than confirmation from buyer. Unbeknown to us, there is apparently a leeway of 2 clear working days after this date for them to still to back out by having their finance fall through. They have verbal confirmation of their finance, but nothing in writing. So now we're in limbo. It's a 30 day settlement. We're meant to be moving in 7 days. So now we won't know until Monday what's happening. I want to scream. Do I pack this weekend or not? Grrrr.

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