Friday, April 2, 2010

Wishes for a birthday & Up, up and away

To this adorable old man I call Poppy, wishing you a beautiful birthday. Sorry that we're interstate and cannot spend it with you. Hope your day was lovely. xxx


So today is the day the kids have been counting down until - plane day. The day every mother dreads. So considering that one of the three was in a mood that looked like this:

You can only imagine how anxious I was about the flight. Uncle John turned out to be my savior. Liam ended up sitting between him and Chanel, so I only had to endure Jack and Imogen. Imogen was surprisingly well behaved for an almost 2 year old that was strapped to my waist. It was just Mr Psycho above that I had to endure. Much bribery landed me in Coolangatta without incident though. I discovered that lollies will get you everywhere with a 5 year old.

After getting to the Resort, unpacking and a quick run to the beach we headed out to a great restaurant for dinner - Romanas at Nobby Beach. We were planing just something quick and cheap, but $150 and a bit of a wait later and we were all full and content.

Overall a great start to the holiday.

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