Sunday, October 18, 2009

A little bit more work in Imogen's room

Well that empty Expedit from my last post, is now in Imogen's room and I'm having a bit of an internal debate over where to put it.

So for the time being the bedroom is set up like this:

Picture 1: Standing in the doorway looking right. Now my idea with this area between the expedit and cupboard was to have different frames and a mirror all a kid height. I was even considering on getting one of those wall stick on chandeliers to sit above the pics.

Picture 2: Is standing next to her cot looking back the other way. This pic is really to have a look at the height and to suss of how it's looking on that angle.

Picture 3: Is standing in the doorway looking horizontally across the room. Now bear in mind that the couch is not staying. I've taken this photo more so that you can see the edge of the Expedit to get an idea of how it's going to make the room pan out. So the plan is, in the corner next to the window will go the chair I'm reupholstering from this post with the cushions you see on the couch. I'm thinking of either buying or trying to make some ginormous floor cushions to go up against the wall between the chair and the expedit.

Ok, so eye for detail people what are your thoughts? Is having the expedit on this angle just crazy and making the room look too small? Should I just put it flush against the wall where the couch is and push it closer to the cupboards so that I can still put my chair in the corner? What does everyone think?

Oh yeah and for those that have noticed, I was trying out different handles on the drawers to see if I liked them. I think I'll go with the silver handles, but in a brushed finish rather than all shiny.

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